Remote Jobs for The Year 2020

For quite a long time, people have had to get out of their homes and spend the most productive hours of their day making a living in an office, or some industry, or somewhere in the field. Many would have wished they could be able to work from home but they didn’t know what to do, and how it would be done.

Well, the internet came to answer those questions and during this time of crisis, it has really become apparent that some jobs can be done from home. If you are wondering what jobs they are, here are some.

  • Web Development

This is perhaps the biggest industry of people who work on the internet. Their job literally is the internet. Getting into web development has to be one with the lowest barrier of entry. However, the steep learning curves are what kick people out.

With the internet awash with free learning resources you could utilize, as a self-employed web developer, you could be looking at earnings of $70,000 a year on average, with the top earners raking in around $120,000.

  • Social Media Manager

The internet brought with it the spectacle that is social media and companies have been taking advantage of it. Instead of paying thousands of dollars in advertising costs to reach customers, all they need to do is open a social media account.

The one thing that’s different is social media is interactive. Customers and interested parties come to you directly for their needs. Someone has to be there to give this company a presence on social media, and also to engage with the general public. All this can be done from the comfort of your home.

  • Freelance Writers

With a large majority of people owning smart devices, it is now easier to reach a great number of people in different demographics. A good amount of the content consumed online is text-based, and this needs creative people to come up with content that is not only informative but also engaging.

Every website on earth requires the services of a writer. If you have a unique perspective on things, then you might just capitalize on your natural talents to make a living right from the comfort of your home.

  • Virtual Assistant

There are companies that do not have any physical locations, but they still have employees working for them. These companies still need people who will help them conduct administrative tasks and even handle phone calls. Here is where a virtual assistant comes in.

If you are good at office tasks such as creating and sending professional emails, creating and distributing documents and work orders as well as responding to queries from other businesses and customers, then this might be the job for you.

If this sounds a bit too much for you, you could try becoming a data entry professional. All you would do is use your typing skills to complete documents, track shipping, and many other tasks that don’t require you to talk to anyone.

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Take a tour of the filming locations in Northern Ireland.

It doesn’t matter whether you were rooting for A Girl Who Has No Name, or were more into the shrewd schemers that were the Lannisters. One thing is for sure, this is a television series that took the world by storm. This was largely in part a combination of good acting, as well as excellent location scouting.

And yes, it’s the locations that will be taking you to Northern Ireland. The Game of Thrones was filmed entirely in this little part of Britain in Ireland, and guess what? You can take a tour of the locations. Here are some places you would love to visit.

Tollymore Forest

This forest is under the care of the state as it is designated as a park. This was absolutely necessary as it has nature trails and bridges dating back to the 1720’s, a cultural heritage. It also was the first state park in Northern Ireland, having been made one in 1955.

There are various activities that you can take during your visit to this park. Perhaps the most popular of all is a guided tour showing all the locations that shooting for the Game of Thrones took place. The bridge where Ghost and the other direwolf pups were found is also within the forest. You can also get permits to enjoy some spot of fishing, or go horse riding through 1600 acres of wooded area.

Castle Ward

The King in The North would be absolutely furious at not using its proper title. Winterfell, as it is better known, was shot entirely in this location. Castle Ward has raised the hopes of many, and broken the hearts of many as well. It was also the scene of an epic battle that changed the course of the movie, or maybe was anticlimactic. That all depends on where you stand.

You can get a guided tour of the castle and engage in some of the activities that the young Starks, and the unknown Targaryen, took while they were growing up. Frm dressing up in authentic attire, to engaging in some spot of archery, or axe throwing, you get to relive Winterfell at your pleasure.

Ballintoy Harbor

You may not have liked what the Lannisters were doing all over the place, and you definitely weren’t a fan of the Baratheons. By this time, you probably though the Starks were finished and were looking to another family to help change the way things would go, but then they also let you down.

Their homelands though were quite beautiful, if you like the cold waters of the Northern Seas. The Iron Islands made for some wonderful scenes, and also home to the Greyjoys. This is a must visit when you’re on a tour of filming locations, and probably the one that is most worthy of your camera skills.

During sunset hours, the setting sun casts a beautiful light over the harbor and turns the whole area into a picturesque location, one that you will proudly hang in your living room for years.

3 Green Ways to Travel from Ireland to Spain

Well, it's May 2020, and flying abroad from Ireland to Europe for a holiday may not be possible until the Autumn.

However, one is still allowed to dream of where one might go, somewhere such as sunny Spain for example. Yes, beautiful Iberia is a wonderful place to visit, any time of year. Tenerife Sun Properties love to promote Spain and the Canary Islands, and want to share with you 3 greener ways to travel there.

Galway, Ireland

The Ferry + A Drive

It definitely isn’t a trip if there isn’t some road travel involved in it. If you are the kind that definitely doesn’t mind driving through the country while bumping your head to the latest music and crunching some snacks, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Well, get your car serviced before embarking on this modern-day expedition. You have the choice of three routes to get you to Spain. The first involves a drive to Dublin. From here, Irish Ferries will be facilitating your crossing and land you at Cherbourg.

If you don’t fancy a visit to the capital, then you can drive south all the way to Cork. From here, Brittany Ferries will facilitate your landing at Roscoff, near the Atlantic Ocean coast. If that still doesn’t work for you, enjoy a drive to Rosslare, where Stena Line will ferry you and your car to Cherbourg.

The schedules on the ferries wills sometimes vary, so conduct some research while planning your trip.

The Ferry + The Train

Why limit yourself to the confines of your car while you can have a train get you there and back? This would also be the best option if you’re having trouble with flying. You can catch a ferry from the aforementioned locations to their destinations. From there, simply catch a train to take you to Paris.

From Paris, enjoy the relative comfort of Euroduplex trains by SNCF and RENFE as they thunder across France and Spain at over 200 miles per hour.

Real Estate Tenerife

Fly Direct

Ah yes, a change of scenery is necessary to maintain your sanity, but you also don’t feel like leaving your soul on the road and the ferry. Well, there’s still air travel to get you to Spain. Now, flying is not a green way to travel, but if you fly direct, economy, and select an airline with the lowest emissions per passenger mile, you are at least doing the best of a not so green action.

EasyJet is actively trying to cut carbon emission and has actually come top of the league in a report published on BBC news.

From Dublin Airport, you can catch a flight to Madrid. If that’s not your destination, and Dublin is too far away, then head over to Shannon. From here, you can fly directly Malaga. You can still do it from Dublin if you want to.

If you don’t mind taking another route, then you can head over to Cork via train or bus, and then be on your way to enjoying some refreshing time in Alicante.

And if you loved travelling by Ferry, did you know you can take a ferry from Cadiz, southern Spain, to the Canary Islands?