Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Take a tour of the filming locations in Northern Ireland.

It doesn’t matter whether you were rooting for A Girl Who Has No Name, or were more into the shrewd schemers that were the Lannisters. One thing is for sure, this is a television series that took the world by storm. This was largely in part a combination of good acting, as well as excellent location scouting.

And yes, it’s the locations that will be taking you to Northern Ireland. The Game of Thrones was filmed entirely in this little part of Britain in Ireland, and guess what? You can take a tour of the locations. Here are some places you would love to visit.

Tollymore Forest

This forest is under the care of the state as it is designated as a park. This was absolutely necessary as it has nature trails and bridges dating back to the 1720’s, a cultural heritage. It also was the first state park in Northern Ireland, having been made one in 1955.

There are various activities that you can take during your visit to this park. Perhaps the most popular of all is a guided tour showing all the locations that shooting for the Game of Thrones took place. The bridge where Ghost and the other direwolf pups were found is also within the forest. You can also get permits to enjoy some spot of fishing, or go horse riding through 1600 acres of wooded area.

Castle Ward

The King in The North would be absolutely furious at not using its proper title. Winterfell, as it is better known, was shot entirely in this location. Castle Ward has raised the hopes of many, and broken the hearts of many as well. It was also the scene of an epic battle that changed the course of the movie, or maybe was anticlimactic. That all depends on where you stand.

You can get a guided tour of the castle and engage in some of the activities that the young Starks, and the unknown Targaryen, took while they were growing up. Frm dressing up in authentic attire, to engaging in some spot of archery, or axe throwing, you get to relive Winterfell at your pleasure.

Ballintoy Harbor

You may not have liked what the Lannisters were doing all over the place, and you definitely weren’t a fan of the Baratheons. By this time, you probably though the Starks were finished and were looking to another family to help change the way things would go, but then they also let you down.

Their homelands though were quite beautiful, if you like the cold waters of the Northern Seas. The Iron Islands made for some wonderful scenes, and also home to the Greyjoys. This is a must visit when you’re on a tour of filming locations, and probably the one that is most worthy of your camera skills.

During sunset hours, the setting sun casts a beautiful light over the harbor and turns the whole area into a picturesque location, one that you will proudly hang in your living room for years.