3 Green Ways to Travel from Ireland to Spain

Well, it's May 2020, and flying abroad from Ireland to Europe for a holiday may not be possible until the Autumn.

However, one is still allowed to dream of where one might go, somewhere such as sunny Spain for example. Yes, beautiful Iberia is a wonderful place to visit, any time of year. Tenerife Sun Properties love to promote Spain and the Canary Islands, and want to share with you 3 greener ways to travel there.

Galway, Ireland

The Ferry + A Drive

It definitely isn’t a trip if there isn’t some road travel involved in it. If you are the kind that definitely doesn’t mind driving through the country while bumping your head to the latest music and crunching some snacks, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Well, get your car serviced before embarking on this modern-day expedition. You have the choice of three routes to get you to Spain. The first involves a drive to Dublin. From here, Irish Ferries will be facilitating your crossing and land you at Cherbourg.

If you don’t fancy a visit to the capital, then you can drive south all the way to Cork. From here, Brittany Ferries will facilitate your landing at Roscoff, near the Atlantic Ocean coast. If that still doesn’t work for you, enjoy a drive to Rosslare, where Stena Line will ferry you and your car to Cherbourg.

The schedules on the ferries wills sometimes vary, so conduct some research while planning your trip.

The Ferry + The Train

Why limit yourself to the confines of your car while you can have a train get you there and back? This would also be the best option if you’re having trouble with flying. You can catch a ferry from the aforementioned locations to their destinations. From there, simply catch a train to take you to Paris.

From Paris, enjoy the relative comfort of Euroduplex trains by SNCF and RENFE as they thunder across France and Spain at over 200 miles per hour.

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Fly Direct

Ah yes, a change of scenery is necessary to maintain your sanity, but you also don’t feel like leaving your soul on the road and the ferry. Well, there’s still air travel to get you to Spain. Now, flying is not a green way to travel, but if you fly direct, economy, and select an airline with the lowest emissions per passenger mile, you are at least doing the best of a not so green action.

EasyJet is actively trying to cut carbon emission and has actually come top of the league in a report published on BBC news.

From Dublin Airport, you can catch a flight to Madrid. If that’s not your destination, and Dublin is too far away, then head over to Shannon. From here, you can fly directly Malaga. You can still do it from Dublin if you want to.

If you don’t mind taking another route, then you can head over to Cork via train or bus, and then be on your way to enjoying some refreshing time in Alicante.

And if you loved travelling by Ferry, did you know you can take a ferry from Cadiz, southern Spain, to the Canary Islands?